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   Here are my females I will be using for my breeding program.  If you are interested in putting a deposit on either of the future litters, please call me at 717-856-4338 or email me at

ellie kitten female.jpg
willow 1.jpg

 Princess Ivory is from Ellie and LeeLee and our new blue lynx colorpoint.  I can't wait to see what she has when her kittens are born.  I am sure they will be so beautiful

Willow is our seal mitted tortie  and a very loving and friendly cat. 

baby face.jpg

Baby face is one of Ellie's kitten. She was born September of 2018. She is a seal mitted traditional.  I am sure her kittens will be amazing. 


Toothpaste  is a seal tortie  mitted who has the most incredilble Ragdoll personality ever.  She is so calm, you can do just about anything to her.  We love her dearly and glad she is part of our cattery.  


muffin tump.jpg

 Muffin Tump is our seal tortie and Muffin's baby.   She was born February 2018.  She is a very sweet cat.  I can't wait to see her new babies.

Capachino is a beauty.  She was born June 2017.  She is a sepia with a wonderful personality.  Her kittens are sweet just like her.  

blue bell 1.jpg

Blue Bell is our blue mitted.  Her first litter was so pretty and loving and I know every litter that she has will be amazing.

Little Chloe Jr is a seal mink bi-color. She was born January 2018  She is very loving and sweet cat and look forward to her future kittens.


Bella, is our seal tortie colorpoint. Her colors are striking and she will be a true gift to this cattery.

Elle, is our black and white mitted solid.  She is a very loving gentle female and will have the most beautiful kittens.


Heidi is our seal lynx mitted female.  Her last litter was so beautiful and loving and I know every future litter will be as well.

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