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I have families who partner with me to raise our Ragdoll kittens. The areas that they live in are Ephrata PA, Annville PA, and Lancaster, Pa.


Hannah's Kittens
she had 6 beautiful kittens 
3 females, 3 males
to Apollo
Lancaster, Pa

Hannah Kitten #1
Male Lilac Point 

Kitten 1 pic 1.jpg

Hannah Kitten #2
Female mitted blue point 

Kitten 2 pic 2.jpg

Hannah Kitten #3
Female lilac bicolor 

Kitten 3 pic 2.jpg

Hannah Kitten #4
Male seal lynx mitted 

Hannah Kitten 4 pic 2.jpg

Hannah Kitten #6
Female blue point mink 

Kitten 6 pic 2.jpg

Chloe Jr. Kittens
born 12/6/2022
to Apollo 
Ephrata, Pa

Chloe Kitten #1
Male Blue Mink Mitted



Chloe Kitten #2
Male Seal Mink Bicolor 


Chloe Kitten #3 Female Lynx Mink Bicolor 


Chloe Kitten #4 Female Blue Mink Bicolor 


Mindy's Kittens
born 10/3/2022 
to Apollo
Annville, Pa


Mindy's Kitten #2
Blue point female 

mindy kitten 2.jpeg

Mindy's Kitten #3
Blue point mitted Female 

mindy kitten 3.jpeg

Mindy's Kitten #4 Blue mink mitted Female 

mindy kitten 4.jpeg

Mindy's Kitten #5 Blue mitted Female 

mindy kitten 5.jpeg

Mindy's Kitten #7 
Blue mink male 

mindy kitten 7.jpeg

Mindy's Kitten #8
Blue mink female 

mindy kitten 8.jpeg
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