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Your New Fur Baby Awaits

A RagDollToLove is a small Ragdoll cattery in South Central Pennsylvania -  driving distance From Washington DC, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and other adjoining states. We have been breeding beautiful TICA registered Ragdolls since 2009 and have enjoyed every moment. It is our constant goal to breed healthy, affectionate Ragdolls that will easily integrate into your home and quickly become a beloved family member. 

Our breeding lines are carefully selected and we offer a variety of color patterns and coat types. We have bred gorgeous Seal, Blue, Tortie, Bi-Color, Lilac, Lynx, Sepia, Solids and other variations in between. We are very keen on communication and will listen to your wants in a kitten and do our best to accommodate personality and preferred coloring. Our Rag
dolls are never caged - they are raised as cherished members of our household until they are finally placed with their forever loving homes. I have families who partner with me to raise our Ragdoll kittens. The areas that they live in are Ephrata PA, Annville PA, Kinnelon NJ and Lancaster, Pa.

How do I get a kitten?

Step 1: Contact us via to check kitten availability.

Step 2: Send us your non-refundable deposit of $150 to hold the kitten. We accept Zelle, money order, or check. We will then provide a questionnaire to best help you find the perfect kitten for you. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email on this questionnaire to make sure you are reserving the correct kitten!

Step 3: This is the most exciting step! Once a month on our website, you will see photo and video updates of your new family member until it is time for you to bring them home at 14 weeks old.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

To look at all of our available kittens, scroll over the "Available Kittens" tab at the top of the page. Under this link, you will see all of kittens that are either ready or will be ready to be homed, depending on age.


As a breeder looking to improve Ragdoll lineage, I am always striving to find kittens that might compliment my cattery. The only difference in breeder and pet quality kittens are that in breeder quality, they line up closely with TICA standards for markings, fur, and body type.  For pet quality, they might have a small marking flaw that does not affect them from being loving pets, but are typically not used for breeding.  Please understand that as a breeder, I have first choice in the kittens that I have for sale and have the right to decide whether or not I would keep the kitten for my cattery.
My pet quality kittens are $1300 for a traditional and a mink, solid or sepia.  Breeder quality kittens start at $1800.   Once I receive your $150.00 non-refundable deposit, you will be put on my list for a kitten. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of the kitten.

To protect the health of our kittens, we are a closed cattery. This means that prior to pickup date, we do not allow families to visit, as kittens are susceptible to various illnesses when they are young and still with their mothers. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and helping our kittens stay as healthy as they can be.

 Now partnered with NuVet, click below to order your vitamins! Highly recommended by vets to aid the development of a growing kitten's immune system, as well as sustain the adult immunity.  

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